• Technology

    A Whole New Range of Possibilities







  • How it works


    A perfect fusion between our hardware and software

    Using our hardware, we are able to track the movement of individuals and objects in real time. Our chips are small, and can easily be integrated into a shopping cart, stretcher, or ID, and our software is accessible and easy to understand.


    The information is then uploaded to our server, where we use our comprehensive software to analyze exactly what the data is telling us. From there, we put it in a presentable format which we give to you, helping you visualize how to best to improve your facility.



    Data analysis



    We provide real-time statistics based on location and

    time, allowing you to gain valuable insight, regardless

    of your potential application.


    Our software compiles and analyzes data for you, live,

    generating a full comprehensive report that is customized

    for your intended use.





  • Artificial Inteligence


    Our platform integrates Artificial Intelligence in two components. The primary use of neural nets is to allow our platform to learn the wi-fi layout of the client's target space, and enable the tracking component to work as accurately as possible.

    The second component is for predictive analysis for clients with deeper analytics needs. The AI will enable the client to predict user movement and make (financially better) business decisions with the help of our data.